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Lifts and Lifting Equipment

Under Irish legislation which applies to all building owners and those with a duty of care to employees and members of the public, access to and egress from places of work and any article provided for use must be safe and without risk to health. Such work environments will include:

  •     Industrial locations (Factories, Warehouses, Docks, etc.)
  •     Commercial locations (Offices, Shops, Hotels, etc.)
  •     Residential sites
  •     Construction sites
  •     Hospitals and Nursing homes

Maintenance alone does not meet the requirements of the relevant sections of the regulations. It is a separate recommendation for work and lifting equipment that they are maintained in good order such that the risks to any end user are minimised. However, the Regulations specifically require that Statutory Inspections are applicable to specified work and lifting equipment, what critical areas are to be examined, the specified intervals between inspections, the official reporting format and the actions to be taken as required by the inspector.

As per the regulations these thorough examinations / periodic inspections are to be completed by an independent and competent person who can produce an objective report of their findings. Whilst these could be completed in-house it is recognised that those individuals directly involved in the maintenance and repair may have a vested interest in the items that they may be subsequently requested to examine. Also it must be shown that an ‘in-house’ examiner has the genuine authority and independence to ensure that examinations are properly carried out and that the necessary recommendations arising from them are made without ‘fear or favour’.

Tech Cert Services Ltd., an Irish Independent company, have the required subject matter expertise and industry experience and can carry out these engineering inspections, sometimes labelled insurance inspections by others, per the requirements of the Regulations.

Our engineering surveyors use the latest technology when they carry out inspections allowing them immediate remote access to European Standards, technical manuals, health and safety procedures and special customer instructions.

Tech Cert Services Ltd are entirely removed from the manufacture, operation or maintenance of plant. You can therefore be confident that our advice is always independent and objective. Our services are flexible and cost efficient and aimed at ensuring compliance with Irish law, safety for all involved, and piece of mind.